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The advent of social media marketing has revolutionized the way we view web commerce. With a deluge of websites threatening take over the world wide web, it is extremely essential for a small business to establish a foothold in the virtual world. And a handy tool that helps you do that is SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

Why you need SEO?

A few days back I came across a joke online. “Q- What is the best place to hide information? A- The second page of Google results.” The truth in the statement is uncanny.
When you type in a query in a search engine like Google, Bing or Yahoo, the search engine examines thousands of gigabytes of data to offer you results that it considers pertinent to your query. Statistically, you are bound to click on one of the first few links on the first page.
Search Engine Optimization is the process of making sure that your website is listed high up in searches. You might have a great idea, great website content and great value. However if you do not pay attention to SEO, you do not show up on search results and lose out on a huge gamut of potential clients.
Different Search Engines have different algorithms to identify the best content. However rampant manipulation of web content like keyword stuffing has necessitated the overhauling of these algorithms. A SEO professional keeps themselves up to date with these changes and modifies web content accordingly.

SEO Benefits

The benefits of SEO are manifold. A series of easy to read ad meaningful content that a search engine picks up, being the key to success. Here we list the top three benefits of SEO.
Increase in Conversion rates: It is common knowledge that when you start showing up on searches your brand value is highly appreciated. This results in advantage over the competition, increased brand awareness and definitely high conversion rates.
A larger client base: Great web content that is SEO optimized will help you expand your client base and spread a general awareness about what you have to offer.
Feeling the pulse of the market: Once the web traffic starts getting diverted to your site you can easily analyse which products are resonating with a particular consumer sector. You can identify your target audience accordingly and devise future strategies.
Engaging content which is Search Engine optimized is an essential success mantra for your business. Start reaping SEO benefits today. Your business does not deserve to be banished on the second page of search results.